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Making Your Own Cabochons Template
Dennis Chapman

There is a cheap method to make your own cabochon templates. Get or find someone with a cheap desktop publishing program, I have found the cheap ones run $10-$30 & up. They have a good ruler when you zoom into the pictures, and the shapes are already in them or you can design your own with the drawing tool (or draw what you want and scan it into the page). All you have to do now is copy, past & resize. With the programs I have used hold the shift or ctrl key while adjusting the one of the corners of the shapes that way they stays proportional to the original. Place the shapes where you want them on the page & print.

Now you need to paste your printout down to something you would like to use for your template. If you want to remove your printout use a water based glue (elmers or whatever), just make sure whatever you use make sure the printout is smooth. For your template I have heard of people using plastic lids, flexible sheet plastic or a sheet of aluminum. With the plastic you can use a craft knife to cut it, but I do recommend you leave a little room so you can file down to the line, if you cut too far you can't fix it. If you use aluminum it's the same, but you will need to saw and grind out the holes. Now you have an original template with the shapes you need, just soak off the paper & you're done.


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