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Geology Times

Recent news and research on Geology and Earth Sciences.


Field Guide To Rocks, Minerals And Fossils
A moderated forum on hunting, collecting, cleaning, storing and learning about rocks, minerals, fluorescent minerals, agates, geodes, micromounts, petrified wood, fossils, ice age fossils, collecting sites, Native American artifacts and more . . .


Chad's Silversmithing Classes

Featuring information on stones and silversmithing classes offered monthly in Northern Colorado.  Offering beginning, intermediate, and advanced silver classes, as well as provide open shop nights and advice.



An interesting nonprofit educational blog dealing with lapidary & rockhounding.


Gem & Mineral Clubs Outside Utah:

Oklahoma Mineral & Gem Soc.

Memphis Archaeological and Geological Society


Rock, Gem & Mineral Shows:


Online Stores:

Rockpick Legend Co.
Rock tumblers, fine mineral specimens, and rockhounding tools are just the beginning at Rockpick Legend Co.--Salt Lake City rock shop.


Lehigh Minerals

Reasonable Priced Mineral Specimens & Wirewrap Jewelry.--Utah rock shop.


Escalante Rock Shop
Wide Hollow Petrified Forest Road
Escalante, Utah
Escalante's Newest Rock, Mineral, Fossil Shop & Roadside Attraction. Located in the Grandstaircase Escalante National Monument.  Rock, mineral, fossil shop offering a wide array of cabochons, cut, polished slabs, tumbled, raw, rough rocks, unusual fossils, rare minerals, semiprecious stones, crystal jewelry, art, collectibles, & more.

Art Clay World

Art Clay Silver is a pure metal powder mixed with non-toxic binders and water. When kiln, torch or stove fired, the binders burn away, leaving pure, 99.9% silver. Art Clay Silver can be added to a variety of media: glass, ceramics, porcelain and polymer clay to name a few. It can be rolled, sculpted, stamped, sanded, filed, engraved, drilled and pre-polished, all prior to firing.* The versatility of this new-age silver clay is limited only by your imagination. Come and explore the world of Art Clay World, USA.


Lapidary Solutions

Excellent source for all of your lapidary equipment and supplies! Lapidary Solutions is the premier supplier of commercial grade machinery and parts for the lapidary professional and hobbyist alike. 1-877-770-5500

Griffin Custom Opal

We specialize in Australian black matrix opal. All of our opals are cut and polished by hand. We can supply large manufactures and hobbyist with calibrated stones, Doublets, Freeform and rough matrix opal.


Internet Opals
I am a miner and cutter and a supply of opal rough in South Australia. Australian opals from Coober Pedy, opal inlay rings in men's & ladies styles, opals bezel & prong set in gold & silver, black opals from lighting ridge, opal rough for cutting solids, doublets & triplets, the opal stone for setting in opal jewelry, opal earrings & pendants, opals also in wire wrap jewelry, opal rough for inlay jewelry. We sell Opal Rough, Wholesale to Dealers around the World.


GrayWolf Galleries

The online store of Timberwolf Minerals, Ltd., est. 1984, featuring Lapidary Supplies And Materials, Gold Prospecting Supplies And Specimens, Minerals, Fossils, Unique Jewelry, Books And Tapes.


SWD Gems
Thailand gemstones, precious and semi-precious stone exporter: Swd offers pink, blue, fancy, green, yellow sapphire, cabochon cut ruby gemstone, loose rubies and sapphires.

Firebird Opal

Online Opal store for Opal rough, rubs and cut stones direct from Lightning Ridge, Australia. Purchase online in full security with 14 day money back guarantee.


Walsh Brothers

Walsh Brothers watches and jewellery English jewelry shop with a wide range, and good link directory.


Mineral Town

It's a portal site for minerals collectors with articles, educational information, photos galleries, trade zone, games, links, forum as well as an own search engine and directory of web sites about fossils, gems, rocks and minerals.

Unique gifts and collectables such as Petrified Wood, Oregon Thundereggs, Exotic Agates, Rock Bookends, Fossils, Slices of Rock, Decorative Specimens, and other Quality polished stones.

Jewelry by Julie's Jewels
Description: Offers the largest, customizable jewelry collection on the Internet. Julie's Jewels has the jewelry pieces you want and will make sure these pieces are available at the lowest price.




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